School ~ Get ready for Back-to-School

Can it really be so? Are the final weeks of summer already upon us? Sadly, it is true. While we do need to seize the summer while we still have it -- now is also the time to start preparing your children for the school year ahead. While some kids across the country have already headed back to the classroom, others still have a few weeks to prepare.


If you want to make sure your children are fully prepared to head back to school, then keep reading. On the Charming Chick blog today, we have some great tips to help you and your child get organized and even excited about the new school year.

{Tip 1}

Help Get Your Kids Familiar with the School


If you have children who will be attending a new school, or little ones who are attending for the first time, you'll want to take some steps to get them familiar with their new surroundings. Many schools host an open house. This is where you and your child can tour the school, see their new classroom and meet their teacher. If your child's school isn't having an open house, you can call to schedule a visit a meeting with the teacher.  Another thing you can to is to read stories about school to your children to help prepare them for the big day ahead.

{Tip 2}

Get Back in the Routine Before the Big Day


During the summer, we tend to slack on routine a little. For kids, the warm days mean eating lots of popsicles, living in their swim suits, and skipping a bath here and there. You might even let your children stay up later, sleep in longer, and eat at all hours of the day. However, if you want to do your kids a big favor -- you need to get them back on track. It doesn't have to happen all at once but you need to slowly work into the routine.You can push their bedtime back, schedule meals and snacks times close to when they can expect them during the school year, and get them up and going and active earlier in the day.

{Tip #3}

Prepare Your Children



Never underestimate the power of a new backpack filled with all the supplies your child will need throughout the school year -- or at least for the beginning of it anyway. This gets kids excited about their first day of school and it helps them feel prepared for the year ahead. Some new school clothes will definitely add to the anticipation. Your kids will want to go back to school!!! Plus, you don't want to get your kids to get dressed for the first day of school only to discover they grew two inches over the summer and now they won't fit into last year's clothes. You'll want them to feeling confident and ready for anything the school year can throw at them.

{Tip #4}

Be Positive!


Whenever you talk to your kids about the school year ahead be sure you do so in a positive way. You can talk about how exciting it will be to see some of their friends that they missed during the summer. You might mention that you have heard some really great things about their new teacher. Aks them about the outfit they planning on wearing for the first day and if they would like you to prepare them a special lunch? You can even tell them stories about your poswitive first day experiences. This can help them to really look forward to the year ahead.

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