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  • Simply Charming Gifts - Silver Charms

    If you are looking for a memorable gift to give -- one which is special and deeply meaningful to the recipient; you should consider giving a sterling silver charm and/or charm bracelet. Sterling silver charms and charm bracelets are classic and elegant gifts, which hold a great deal of meaning. They truly are gifts straight from the heart.

    What makes charms and charm bracelets such fantastic gifts, is that they can be given to people of all ages. You can start a bracelet for a girl just about to embark into her teen years, a new mother just starting her family, or you can build a bracelet full of fond memories for a long-time friend.

    If there is an important event, a tender moment, an inside joke, a kind thought, or a magnificent trip that needs remembering; you will be able to find the perfect charm to commemorate it. You can also be assured that each time that special person looks at the charm you selected; they will think of you and of the memory that charm represents.

    At Charming Chick, we are so proud to offer a wide selection of beautifully crafted silver charms! Most of the charms we offer are in exquisite sterling silver - which alone, is striking - but if you want a little more color, we have some gorgeous and vibrant enameled charms as well. We also have several charms, which can be personalized for an extra special touch.

    If you are looking to start a new charm bracelet for someone, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer several - well crafted - open link, sterling silver bracelets, which are made especially to hold charms. Charm bracelets tell a personal story and each one is unique and special. What makes them even more special; is they be handed down through the generations - as treasured keepsakes - for years to come.

    We have over 500 delightful charms to choose from. Help someone start their story and memorialize their lifetime milestones. They'll be very grateful that you did.

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