Willow Tree -- Simplicity of Form

If you have ever seen a Willow Tree® figurine; you know that these are exceptionally crafted keepsakes, which seem to capture - a touching moment in time. Each sculpture is elegant and uncomplicated -- but with the tilt of a head, or the subtle placement of hands; they express so much emotion to those who see them. So simple and yet so powerful.

Willow Tree® figurines make the perfect gift for anyone you care about. Whether it is a couple about to promise each other forever, a friend who is faced with sickness or loss, new parents welcoming their precious blessing into the world, or friends who are more like sisters -- each individual will treasure this sweet reminder of your love and thoughtfulness for years to come.

When you present someone with a beautiful Willow Tree® sculpture, they will know instantly the emotion you are trying to convey. Of course, the interpretation and meaning behind each piece, is really left up to the individuals who give and receive it. Since the expression of the figurine is communicated solely through gestures, this allows each person the freedom to determine what that sculpture truly means to them.

Each original Willow Tree® figurine is hand carved by artist Susan Lordi. Susan is able to brilliantly capture so many emotions that we - as human beings – experience throughout our lives.

At Charming Chick, we are delighted to offer you a wide variety of Willow Tree items. We have many sculptures to choose from, which include; several of the Willow Tree Angel figurines, a gorgeous Nativity, Christmas ornaments, and journals. If you are having trouble finding the just the right gift, take a look through our selection of Willow Tree figurines; one of these exquisite pieces is sure to remind you of someone you love.

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