Cheap Monogrammed Canvas Totes

I should probably clarify that when I say Cheap Monogrammed Canvas Totes, I mean this in a good way.  Sometimes 'cheap' means the stuff that's gonna fall apart quickly or is just plain ugly.  When I use the word cheap, I mean a tote that is reasonably priced, decent quality, and attractive.

There's nothing wrong with living frugally, in search of great bargains.  That's why I decided to write this article, because I'm often asked: Where do I buy Cheap Monogrammed Canvas Totes?  It's not easy!  But luckily I found an adorable monogrammed tote collection priced at just $14 each, including embroidery!  And they don't have to embroidered with a traditional monogram - you can also embroider a name or intials.

These Cheap Monogrammed Canvas Totes are great for sports teams, cheerleaders, dance, and other activities.  Make great gifts or team prizes!

Cheap Monogrammed Canvas Totes


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