Meaning of Wedding Unity Candles

Wedding Unity Candles are one of the most popular wedding ceremony traditions today.  Typically the Wedding Unity Candles ceremony will occur after you exchange vows and rings.  Traditionally the bride and grooms parents will light the two taper candles.  This is done to represent the bride and groom individually, as their parents have raised them thus far.  Then the bride and groom together light the center unity candle to mark the beginning of their lives together, as one.

Wedding Unity Candles can be as traditional as you would like, or you can choose to make the ceremony more unique.  Some couples will opt not to have their parents light the candles, and do this themselves.  Other times the candles will be lit in memory of a parent that is has passed before the wedding.  It's your wedding, so take the time to carefully decide exactly how you want the Wedding Unity Candles ceremony to be.

Wedding Unity Candles


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