Going Green in Style

If you're like me, you really don't need an excuse to buy another purse. It doesn't take a lot of convincing for me to purchase a new tote bag or handbag, but when I heard that I can help save the environment too, then I was definitely sold.

Bags made of renewable resources, such as jute or juco, are a great way to "Go Green" without sacrificing style. Even better, they are budget-friendly, too!

So what in the world is jute anyway? According to Wikipedia, it's a natural vegetable fiber that is spun into strong threads. It is used to make all sorts of products that you may even already own, like rugs. And since it is biodegradable, it is much better for the environment than synthetic substitutions. Juco, another excellent "Green" product, is a hybrid of jute that combines the strength and natural properties of jute with the finishing and texture of cotton fabric.

So where do you get one of these stylish, yet eco-friendly, bags? Click the pictures below to check out some of my favorite jute and juco handbags and tote bags.

Green and Tan Flower Print Juco Tote Bag Black and White Jute Tote Bag Jute Handbags

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